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Agnes & Cat Kylpysuola 500g + puukauha Himalayan (tuoksuton)

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Agnes & Cat Kylpysuola Himalayan

Riittoisa kylpysuolapaketti, jossa mukana pieni puukauha suolan annosteluun. Ainesosat: Himalajan suola

Hinta: 15,50€ sis.alv 24%
Tuotetunnus/SKU: ACSalt-03DS
Alkuperä- tai valmistusmaa: Britannia
Paino: 533 g
  • Kuriiritoimitus kotiin (12,90€ sis.alv 24%)

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Kylpyhuone Ancient Wisdom“A bathtub filled with one of these bath salts will help you unwind, leave your worries behind and calm your muscles after a long day at work. Agnes and Cat Bath Salts compromise of a blend of amazing minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron and selenium which may help clear away toxins and impurities from the body.” – Ancient Wisdom