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Buddha Maalaus 60x80 cm - Grey Brocade Detail

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Buddha maalaus taulut Ancient Wisdom

Ripustusvalmis signeerattu taulu puisella rungolla.

Hinta: 44,90€ sis.alv 24%
Tuotetunnus/SKU: BAP-06
Alkuperä- tai valmistusmaa: Indonesia (Fair Trade)
Tuotteen koko: 3cm x 60cm x 80cm (SxLxK)
Paino: 1001 g
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Buddha maalaus taulut Ancient WisdomHandmade with passion and love with the finest canvas and natural wooden frames by Balinese artisans and craftsmen therefore each one is unique signed by the painter. This is great gift idea for relatives and friends. Each panel has a back hook already mounted on the wooden frame ready to hang out of box.