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Greenman Saippua 100g Golden Argan

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Greenman Saippua 100g Golden Argan Ancient Wisdom

Käsintehty kelttiläisten myyttien inspiroima palasaippua. Greenman saippuat on tehty puhtaista kasvipohjaisista ainesosista ja eteerisistä öljyistä. Golden Argan = rauhoittava argan & rosmariini

Hinta: 5,90€ sis.alv 24%
Tuotetunnus/SKU: GMSoap-09
Alkuperä- tai valmistusmaa: Britannia
Tuotteen koko: 6cm x 8cm x 2cm (SxLxK)
Paino: 105 g
  • Kuriiritoimitus kotiin (12,90€ sis.alv 24%)

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INCI: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Glycerin, Argania Spinosa Oil, Parfum, Rosmarinus Officinalis leaf, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Citric Acid, CI 19140, CI 18050, Linalool

The Golden Argan Greenman Soaps are pure, natural & aromatic, made with botanicals and essential oils. With Argan & Rosemary, which has cleansing, healing and calming properties. Also protects the skin and promotes long-term skin health and a natural glow.

Inspired by the ancient Celtic myth of the Greenman: natural, earthy and vibrant.

Using only sustainable palm oil, age-old botanicals and pure aromatic oils these almost mythical soaps will transform your daily wash into a cleansing ritual to be savoured.

* SLS & Parabens free * Handcrafted in England * With aromatic oils and botanicals * A soap for every eventuality *