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Narusuitsuke 11 cm Pure Herbs (50 kpl) Sandalwood & Spice

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Narusuitsuke Pure Herbs Sandalwood Ancient Wisdom

Käsintehdyt luonnolliset narusuitsukkeet 50 kappaleen paketissa. Suitsukkeen ainesosat: Valkoinen ja punainen santelipuu, saldup, spikenard, kaneli ja neilikka Himalajan vuoristosta.

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Tuotetunnus/SKU: RopeI-03
Alkuperä- tai valmistusmaa: Nepali (Fair Trade)
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Narusuitsuke Pure Herbs Sandalwood Ancient Wisdom“This Nepali Pure Herbs Incense Ropes are made of various herbs found in the high Himalayas. Made with all natural ingredients, with no wooden sticks, glues, or dyes, the aroma of these herbal incense ropes is described as cooling and refreshing. Used for centuries to relase stress, depression and tension. In Buddhism, incense acts as an aid to positive thoughts and actions.

Incense ropes are made by hand in a process that involves bundling the ingredients in a special hand prepared rice paper, then rolling and twisting it into a small rope-like braided form. The rope should be burnt in a marble or metal dish, or on an ash bed, a special incense burner.” – Ancient Wisdom